Friday, August 7, 2009

Journal #7 and Visitor from Nebraska

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I've missed blogging this week but we've had a friend from Nebraska staying with us and so being on the computer has been hit and miss. Darrell is here ministering at our church for 3 nights (last night was the final one) and it's always a blessing to have him in our home. And I get the pleasure of going out to lunch with him after we hit all the second hand bookstores in search of old manuscripts. His favorite food is Chinese so that's what we always do EVERY time he comes here! So we have a wonderful time talking about the Word of God, catching up on family news and he always manages to find a book or two or five or six (!) to ship back home to Red Cloud, Nebraska to add to his many volumes. I'm inspired by his dedication and his knowledge! One of these days I hope Kerry and I can visit with him on his turf and then I will get to go shopping with Tiffany his wife, and I'm sure it WON"T be for old books!! We all have been friends for over 10 years and Darrell is more like family than friend, even our kids say that, and he insists that he's their adopted brother!

Darrell pastors 3 churches and travels all over ministering God's Word. In November, they will be taking a group of people to Israel (two ladies from our congregration are included in that number) and I'm kinda wishing I could go too but with all the responsibilities we have here with church and family I don't think that will ever happen especially since dh is not a good traveler. It would have to be a God-thing for sure!
Okay, we are heading to the airport shortly so Darrell can catch his flight home so I'd best get the journal prompt up since I'm already two days behind!!

Here is #7
Do you have a special place and time you meet with the Lord? Describe it.
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