Thursday, February 12, 2009

Big Boy - Gone are the Curls!

I love my grandson Jakob's curly hair and I about have a fit (inside) when I know he's about to have a hair cut! But I tell you he looks so much like a big boy now.

I hope this isn't a sign he's growing up, but today he wiped off my kiss. Oh no, that will not do!! So we had a little war of wiping off kisses as he was leaving today. I hope he forgets this little game by tomorrow....

Well, I'm off to our midweek Bible Study, the pastor is teaching on self righteousness... so you know I've been hearing bits and pieces this week about it! And of course have been under conviction on and off this week because of it!! Now, truly it's a blessing that he shares with me and it's a privilege to be able to encourage him. I can honestly say I learn a lot, he is a good teacher/communicator. He truly is gifted by the Lord in this area of teaching believe me when I tell you he knows God's Word! However, I am waiting on the Lord to gift him in the area of picking his dirty clothes off the floor! I just don't understand why this "gift" has eluded him? Hmm, I just don't know why the Lord doesn't answer this prayer of mine, I must press in!
Have a wonderful day in the Lord!
Embracing my Savior's grace,

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