Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obstacle Course...simple right?

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Well, yesterday was "Kill-her" Wednesday Workout and of course it lived up to it's name. My trainer daughter Amy is always trying to mix things up to keep things interesting. So, she had a very simple "obstacle" course for me to start the workout instead of the "kill me now" jump roping.
Here is what she set up :

Yes, you see correctly, it is 6 magazines in a row, that is my obstacle course! Now this is how it worked (looks simple, huh??) how hard can this be, right?? Well, with feet together jump over the magazine. Easy peasy. Should be a cinch, no problemo! "Okay" I say boldly, much easier than jump roping (I'm thinking) Yes! Uh, no... because after jumping with feet together all 6 magazines I must do 10 squats and then come back to the first magazine by doing lunges (with my short legs that's about 8 of those kill-hers) and after I do the lunges I must do 10 jumping jacks and repeat that process 5 times.

(Bobbi I hope you are taking notes if you are reading this - it would be a great way to torture your PE class).

By the time I got to the last set of jumping jacks I'm sure my feet didn't get 2 centimeters off the ground! AND to add insult my dear daughter was behind me and said if she caught up with me I'd have to do it some more. PUSHY! but effective... I finished the course ahead of her, even though my lungs were burning!

You would think that was enough but no... there was more to come. Kettlebells, lots of kettlebell exercises for the upper body and then to top it off I had to sit, actually that's how I started, but eventually ended on my back on a big ball and balanced myself for some "ab" work with the kettlebells! Can I say enough!! Needless to say before I went to bed I took some Aleve to relieve!

Am I sore today, you may ask? Do have to ask?? But because I'm driven to live a healthier lifestyle and to fit back into the clothes I already have in my closet I am determined, with the Lord's help. And believe me, I'm praying all the time I'm working out that I won't strangle my dear trainer. Of course my arms are too sore to be effective and she is faster and stronger than I am. However, when we workout with the boxing gloves...hmmm. Okay my dear readers perhaps you'd better pray for me or Amy or both of us! Oops sounds like I'm walking after the flesh instead of the spirit. But I guess I am exercising self control. :-)

After working out, my mom fixed us dinner (hubby was at Men's Ministry and I had already fed him!) and then we went over to my other daughter Kelly's and we watched one of their favorite childhood movies "Wild Hearts Can't be Broken" I think next week it'll be Fried Green Tomatoes. Well this post has become a novel, I applaud you if you read the whole thing! You must be exhausted! Have a super excellent day...

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PS: I wrote my exercise bike 10 miles this morning... am I crazy or what?


  1. Natalie, you're amazing! Go Girl!!! I'm so proud of you for working so hard and having the perseverance to make your goal! I've been there, believe me I know! It's totally worth it!

  2. I like it. I like it a lot. We use a an "obstacle" type course occasionally in PE to break up the usual routine, but I'm always looking for new stuff to incorporate. I'll let you know how it goes. Actually, I already know how it will go. "Miss Wriiiiiight this hurts. My legs feel like they're going to fall off. I'm not doing it. This is sooooo dumb. My stomach hurts."

  3. Sounds as fun as running with my Mom-- she's crazy you know?
    She is also Amy's supplier. So she is indirectly punishing you too. I'd be mad at her.

  4. Ms Quez, surely you jest...your mom crazy???? lol