Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday, Kerry.

I am truly a blessed woman with a man as loving and patient as he is and I just want to let you all know that!! I can't say he's perfect but I can say he's perfect for me!! I'm still working on the dirty clothes left on the bathroom floor, selective hearing and the toilet seat up! But that's okay, we both have our little issues that we have learned to live with, even though they may drive us both a little crazy at times!! Just being real...

I do need to share a little about him and why I admire him. You see I met him while we were both working at a department store I was eighteen and he was twenty, the cute guy in the sporting goods department! We were married ten and half months later. Talk about whirlwind, talk about crazy, talk about not having a clue!! But we did it! Three children later (in 4 years)and a series of problems, it came to a point where we could have gone in different directions but instead we found common ground, the Lord Jesus Christ. Not only did our Lord become the very glue that held us together but He was our very breath and life! Needless to say we became very involved in our local church and God began growing us as a couple and as believers. Sixteen years later, Kerry became the Pastor of this same little church that meant so much to us as we were learning to live as husband and wife, and he will begin his eleventh year as pastor this May. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be married to a pastor, I wanted to be a nun when I was in first grade, for crying out loud!

My man has a deep love for his family, the flock that God has entrusted him with, and a passionate love for God's Word. I stand amazed how he can keep on going while working eight hours in a lumber mill, then the next 16 hours being husband, father, poppa, pastor, teacher and still find a little bit of time in there to sleep (and snore, loudly I might add!). God has definitely gifted him mightly with wisdom, knowledge and endurance!

So, baby if you are reading this: HAPPY BIRTHDAY... I love you with all my heart! I sure enjoy growing older (notice I didn't say old!) with you and boy aren't we having a blast with our grandbabies! #3 is due in June, another little princess to love and I know you'll be changing her dirty drawers, too!
See you see, he is almost perfect!!

Have a blessed weekend,



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