Friday, July 29, 2011

A Day at the Beach and the Park

Hello Delightful friends and family! 
It's been a month since I've posted pics of the grandkids so I thought I'd better take care of that!!  These were taken a month ago and we were still bundling up due to the cold wind.  Notice Riley Ann is dressed ready for the snow and Jake has his heavy flannel jacket on!  It looks like a beautiful day however the wind was not pleasant at all!  We only stayed at the beach for about 30 minutes and said that is enough!!  If you enlarge this first pic you can see the whitecaps on the waves.

Jake and Riley digging and climbing the "dunes" (they are mini dunes!!) nevertheless they had fun climbing them.  They had their pails and shovels and thought for sure they were going to help Poppa dig for clams!

Addy and Poppa not liking the gusts of wind!

Addy wanting to see Riley's gum.  Thought they would cooperate for a picture (silly me!)
click to enlarge or you'll miss the girl's expressions!

 So we left the beach and headed to the park where we thought for sure we'd find shelter from the wind....not!  We didn't last long there either but I did get a few cute pics and we had a "Happy Meal" and a little bit of time on the playground.
Addy (age 2)

Riley (age 3) and Addy

Yes, Tucker Lynn was there too, she was bundled in a frontpack with her momma most of the time, just too cold!
Well, it has warmed up considerably and we had a fun day today at the Fish Hatchery (and yesterday too!) but I forgot my camera.  Oh well, if next week is as nice as today, we will go again with camera in hand.  I think I saw a young eagle or possibly an osprey in the trees (obvously I'm not an expert on bird species).  So I'll be on the look out!

Thanks for visiting!! Hope to have some fun cards to post soon and be sure and check out the Christian Paper Crafts Creative Blog we have some fun challenges to participate in and I posted this weeks Bible Study in John (An Object Lesson - John 13:1-5) and you can find it HERE.
Have a blessed weekend!


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  1. Great pics! I love the updates on those cuties. :)