Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cupcake!

Thanks for visiting today.  I only have pics of my youngest granddaughters birthday to share no crafty card, today!

The baby version of "Rub your head and Pat your tummy" (Chew on hand and Pull off sock)

She was fascinated by the noise and lights on her new toy from Grammie and Poppa!

She loved her new blanket from Gee-Gee (great grandma) "so cozy" (as cousin Addy would say!)

Cupcake time!

Delish!! (The pink marks on her forehead is lipstick from Gee-Gee!)

Kisses for her new baby!

Big sister enjoyed her cupcake and the celebration, too!  Fun day!


  1. So cute, love those bright eyes!

  2. Your grandkids are SOOOO precious:) LOVE how your littlest is laying on her toy! And the bigger sister is SOOOOO SO cute eating her cupcake:) <3

  3. Oh, what fun!! What precious little one. That picture of her with that blanket is sweet! What a blessing!

  4. My goodness Natalie! It seemed like a couple of months ago I heard you were expecting another grandchild and now she is one! She is such a darling and so is big sister. Precious memories and the blanket one is adorable and a scrapbooking moment, which they all are!

  5. This is much better than crafts! How precious those 2 are! Enjoy them!