Sunday, April 26, 2009

She loves her Grammie

(Jakob & Riley checking out the barking dog on the other side of the fence.)

I got a wonderful gift yesterday!
It's not something money can buy, it was two arms reaching
out to me for a hug! A sweet little hug from my cute,
independant, rarely affectionate
granddaughter, Riley.
I think I'm winning her over!
No, let me re-phrase that. I am winning her over!!

It was kind of funny how it happened... she was standing at the door ready to go home with her parents and I said to her, "Riley, give Grammie a love bye-bye" which my son said, "mom she won't even give me a hug goodbye" and the little darlin' reached up to me! AHA! Needless to say I just gave Sean the "look" and just about did a little happy dance! Oh, wait a minute, I did do the happy dance (lol) And guess what I did...I tried it again and she gave me another hug and a kiss!! Yes!!! It was no fluke! She loves her Grammie!

Perhaps this wouldn't be such a big deal but my grandson is so affectionate, he wakes up from his nap and says "go to Poppa's and Grammie's?" and then doesn't want to go home when he gets here! And he is a cuddler so it's hard when his little cousin is such an opposite.

But I'm sensing a change! (and it's not a diaper!)

Riley Ann (16 months)

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