Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mom will you....

Kelly has asked me to design a baby announcement card! ( I did Jakob's two years ago) And I have found that Kelly has become kind of "picky".... so I've been busy the last couple of days especially since I realized she only has about 7-1/2 weeks before baby girl is due to arrive.
Here are three design choices and I hope that she will be happy with one of them, eventually!!!!

#1 (I really liked the design of this one but she said it's too "scrapbook-y - whatevah!) Back to the drawing board....

#2 She's leaning toward this one.

#3 I love this one, but she said the flowers and the "tickled pink" stuck out too far and I told her I can flatten it by not using the foam adhesive squares, no problem... but I like the 3-D dimension, I thought it added some interest & depth to the monochromatic look. (sigh...)

The inside I will probably do on the computer by printing out
the birth details on a piece of vellum.
The patterned paper and card stock will not be the same as shown but we haven't had time to go shopping. Hopefully this Saturday she can come into the store to see what is available (I happen to be working that day!) It's National Scrapbooking Day and I'm filling in for Marcie so that she can teach a couple of classes. Kelly's tentative due date is June 15 (it's a scheduled c-section, however it may be changed to the 8th, the little girl is already about 5 lbs.) Please note the Scripture at the end of this blog and I hope you catch the irony of it. (ouch!)

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  1. Those are so cute! I like #2 also! I think the white border really makes it look clean and neat and puts the focus on the large image. Great job!

  2. Natalie-
    I LOVE those!!! I'm with Danielle...#2 rocks! :D

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!

    Have ae GREAT day!

  3. I like all three, lets hope she can decide on one of these, tfs.....I need to make a baby showeer card! *~*

  4. I like them all! You do a GREAT job!!! It would be hard to choose! :)

  5. I vote for number two. How stinkin' cute!