Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have a confession.... I've never been a big fan of glitter. Oh don't gasp!! I like the look, I just have never liked the mess. Me the queen of clutter, don't like the mess, how ironic! However, I have some "less messy" glitter in my stash and I really like them, you probably know that I'm talking about, Stickles!! They come in so many colors and they even come in a "distress" look. Can it get any better than that?! (lol) Well, I finally decided to get glittery, not only that, I did some heat embossing on my card which can be messy, too. I'm definitely in a whole different creative mindset. Where did the real me go??? I even used Ultra Fine Glitter!! The card I made was in answer to the Color and Sketch challenge at Christian Paper Crafts that I posted yesterday.
HOWEVER, I think it's just too ugly to post, so I'm going to start over again or tweak the original card. Am I going to use glitter? That remains to be seen... *sigh* I'm sure I'll learn an "ultra fine" lesson from this but in the meantime, I think I'm going to go clean up some clutter... and be thankful that my glitter mess is confined to one table in one room! Oh wait a minute what is this stuff flaking off my jeans... seems I've left a trail... *sigh*


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