Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nothing is more Sacred

I've just returned from the Ministers' Wives Event in Nashville and what a wonderful experience. I not only was ministered to but I came away refreshed and reminded that God has chosen me to be the wife of the pastor of our church and that God is not sorry He chose me! This calling can be aggravating at times but I choose to trust and seek God's approval not man's. I can look back on my life and see how God has been drawing me to this place of service and I'm so grateful. Even through the hard times I'm going to choose to be thankful. Anytime you work with people and so many different personalities you can expect "titanic problems" and I'm so glad my God is so much bigger!! One of the many things that Beth Moore shared was to "Keep the King the Thing: JESUS" We work for God and nothing is more sacred!! I want to thank the women from Lifeway who shared their hearts at the Called, Equipped and Encouraged (pre-event to the Ministers Wives Event) that was an incredible time as well. I just wish I could have attended more of the Breakout sessions. The host church Two Rivers Baptist Church and their Women's Ministry were wonderful, a huge thank you to them.
I was privileged to meet some incredible women! I had a great time with my friend Donita Walker, also a pastor's wife and I know we both learned and were encouraged so much. (And we laughed so much! I'll have to write later about our experience at the Nashville airport!) Thanks to Pat Champion who was so gracious to pick us up at the hotel and take us back after each session. She and her husband are church planters in Nashville. God bless you, Pat!! I got out of my comfort zone and went over and introduced myself to "Georgia Jan" who I recognized from Lisa McKay's Preacher's Wife blog. What a sweet lady and I can't wait to check out her blog. We also met some young ladies from Missouri, adorable girls and funny!! We had fun talking with them: Hi Julie and Emily if you are reading this!!! Okay, I really have to get off the computer and get ready for work... I would love to spend time just reconnecting with those I met but I've got to head out the door and get to work. I'm going to end this post with a HUGE THANK YOU to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Thank you Lord for allowing me to go to this God-ordained event. I'm blessed among women!!

"Cleared out voices
Heard God speak"

Love In Christ,


  1. Hey Natalie!!! It was sooo great to meet you at the conference! What an awesome time we had! :) It was a true blessing to meet you and Donita! How fun! I just wish I would have stuck my head in your picture without you knowing it! ha! :)
    What a wonderful calling we have....we need to stick together!! :)
    I will keep checking on you!

  2. Love the "new" look! It's so fun and cheerful!

  3. Wow... glad you are refreshed! May the Lord bless you

  4. sounds like a wonderful time. :) there is an event coming up there in April just for women and i was hoping my sister and i could go. another of our sisters live in Nashville. :)

    have an amazing weekend!