Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! A little Scenic Drive thru the Redwoods!

Happy New Year everyone. Four more hours here on the west coast and we will be officially 2010! Hard to believe isn't it?!? Just wanted to wish one and all a Happy New Year and post some pictures from my dh and my drive up to Crescent City to Home Depot. You may say "whup-de-doo" a drive to Home Depot, but we have over an hour drive up the "scenic coast" of California to get there so I hope you enjoy my scenic pics from the car!! The moving car (except the elk pics and the one dark redwood pic)

The Scenic drive....
Yes, an elk in a front yard of an Orick resident!
Stuck in traffic in the redwoods due to road construction.

Climbing over the mountain.

Back along the ocean getting closer to our destination.

Mama elk in the field where they belong

See the pencil line in the horizon... (middle right of the picture) that's the "spit" certain times of the year it opens and the ocean spills into the lagoon. It's a long sandy divider between the ocean and the lagoon and only the corner (by those two trees) open up. It's a beautiful area but the ocean is dangerous on this coast of northern Calif. there is a big undertow that is kinda freaky and I'm amazed when I see surfers out there. We were ALWAYS warned as kids to stay out of the surf especially in that part of the beach. This is definitely NOT southern California. Can't wait for March to watch for the whales that migrate past us, I hope I'll get some cool photos!
Hope you enjoyed the pics. I'm experimenting with my new camera and lense! I'm definitely an amateur!



  1. Oh man, that's a fancy shmancy camera. Do you have a license to drive that thing? Nice photos! I'm a tad jealous. ;-p

  2. P.S. You should e-mail my mom some of those elk photos, she's always a big fan of elk pics - the more the merrier.