Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fun in the Sun At Baseball's Spring Training

Hello Delightful Sport friends and family!!  I'm back from a mini vacation with my daughter, mom, sister and nephew.  It was my Christmas gift from them, a trip to Arizona to watch the San Francisco Giants Spring Training!  I just wanted to share a few of the highlights and I promise I won't show all 192 pictures that I've taken!  I have to admit it was just a little tough leaving the 80 degree weather and returning to northern California and the 42 degrees and rain!!
The first game was against the Angels in their field in Tempe, AZ.  My daughter Amy and I went to that game and when she purchased the tickets she didn't realize it would be a split squad (boo-hoo!) however our seats were behind homeplate two rows up!! Awesome!!!! Even if we were in "enemy" territory!  Glad there were quite a few Giant fans throughout the stadium.  There is a funny story to tell about us getting into the stadium but it's too long to share here!

Giants meeting together before the game on Saturday against the Angels.

Freddy Sanchez DH's in his return after his injury in the 2011 season.

Homerun!! Aubrey Huff hits one out!

Eli Whiteside behind the plate in this game. 
3rd baseman Conor Gillaspie

The Giants lost that game but we were excited to be there, even if new Angel, Albert Pujols didn't play!

Game 2 at Scottsdale Stadium: 
Getting into position to start the game.

Pablo (Panda) Sandoval, 3rd base

Ryan Theriot, short stop

Eric Surkamp on the mound

Now this game was exciting!  Buster was starting at catcher, Brian Wilson would be making his first appearance, Jeremy Affeldt and Javier Lopez each pitched an inning! The Panda was playing 3rd, the Baby Giraffe (Belt) was at first and Huff was DH.  Exciting lineup for us to see!!  Plus, one of the Mariners, catcher John Jaso is a local boy.  My brother, Dustin was his high school baseball coach so that made the game fun, too!

Posey warming up the pitcher.

John Jaso catching (Mariners) and Aubrey Huff (dh) batting.

Brian (of Fear the Beard fame) Wilson in to pitch for the first time in pre-season!  Personally, I'd love to see him trim the beard but it's turned into a trademark so I don't see that happening. 

Javiar Lopez with his sidearm delivery it's amazing to see him throw it for strikes! 

 Lefty, Jeremy Affeldt in to pitch.  I am a follower of his blog and will occasionally comment so I was hoping to meet him.  Amy and I did stick around while the rest of the family was trying to catch up with John Jaso but there are so many people around it's pretty crazy.  He was kind enough to stay and sign autographs after the game and I was close enough to say that I enjoyed his blog.  That was one of the highlights of the trip and so was getting Gaylord Perry's autograph! I remember watching him play when I was very young, my dad always had the games on (TV or radio), I grew up on Giants baseball!  Now my kids and grandkids are following the tradition.

Affeldt throwing a strike (of course!)

My nephew Will with a Gaylord Perry autographed baseball.

Hector Sanchez rounding 2nd base after hitting his 2nd homerun of the game!!

Both teams scored a few more runs but the Giants did win!!

Thanks for letting me share a little (or a lot) about my mini vacation, I think next year my husband says he's game and wants to go (Yay!!) He's not much for traveling so I was really happy he said that!  We hope to catch a game or two of the regular season but it's really difficult to get away with the responsibilites of church and family but it's always a fun time when we can get away for a little R & R.

God bless!!!

PS  We did do some shopping and girly stuff, too!


  1. Natalie, what great pictures! Looks as though you had a blast and I am so glad that you did. Now time to do a scrapbook albumn! :)

  2. WOW! Looks like you got great seats!! I don't like any sports--but Trav enjoys baseball and golf. We have spring training in our town with the Tampa Bay Rays. Maybe I should take Trav sometime:) HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!