Friday, July 10, 2009

Simply Bloom!

Lazy days of summer!!
Yes, it's summer, late morning here in "sunny" Blue Lake, the temperature is a "scorching" 61 degrees according to my back porch thermometor! Is it a lazy day? Rarely! There is always something that needs to be done! Today is errand day, so I'll be in town for most of the afternoon. Where it will reach a scorching 57 degrees (on the bay) this afternoon maybe it will hit 60 degrees. My computer says the temp at the airport is 54 degrees. Of course this means we will be getting the inland "tanned" people flocking over to the coast to get out of their high 90s weather. I would love a little bit of that heat, perhaps they will bring it with them! I'm not bitter, I'd just want to see some blue skies! But to be real we don't get the higher temperatures (75-85 degrees) in Blue Lake until late July through early September, so I'll wait patiently for it.
Besides, this is the day the Lord has made and I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!
In the meantime over at Christian Paper Crafts ( ) today is Fun on Friday (FOF13) and the challenge is to make a card with flowers everywhere on it, from embellishments to paper.
So, here is my card! Very simple and easy.

I made my own pattern paper on the cardstock

Here are the paint colors and stamp pad I used

This is a sample of the stamps they are from Inkadinkadoo and the plain cardstock I used as the base. The rust color cardstock I used to mat the strip of coordinating stamped paper.

I titled this post "Simply Bloom" because that's what the Lord desires of us, just to bloom where we are planted. We are His field and He cultivates us to grow into a beautiful garden.
1 Corinthians 3:9 says that we are "God's fellow workers; you are God's field, you are God's building". I love to think of each of us being a beautiful flower in the field created by God, individual and precious, and as He cares for us we grow into a reflection of His workmanship. Are you allowing Him to tend to you? Or are you "self" sufficient? For me, I need Him to water, provide the right kind of soil, and provide the sun (Son) to shine down on me to help me grow into that creation He desires. He has His work cut for Him! The weeds of distraction try to keep me from Him but I'm so grateful He continually tends to my root system to keep me strong.
Thanks for visiting today and may you bloom for the Lord in all you do!

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PS The sun is peaking through the overcast skies, I will see blue skies today, WHOO-HOO!!! See how much God loves me, I really wanted to see the sunshine today!! He knows the very desires of my heart!!


  1. I won't forget when you told me that "at least my skin will be good" when I complained about the weather there. I tell myself that when I get down about the Portland weather (sometimes I have to do it over, and over, and over).