Saturday, July 25, 2009

Journaling #4 and Eventful Saturday

Hope you are enjoying the weekend!
It's been a busy Saturday. Kerry my dh and I went out for breakfast (weekly date) and then visited with our son Sean, his wife Amy and our little granddaughter Riley, isn't she a cutie...
She is such a little rascal. I was having so much fun pushing her around the yard!

Yes, she's posing!

She was thinking she was so funny on the slide!

They just moved into a new house (renting) it's 3 bedroom 2 bath and a huge backyard.
The yard needs work but what potential! I've offered to help with the yardwork one of these Saturdays soon.
After our visit, we went to the hardware store bought some paint and some bedding plants and then we were heading home to work! I'll have to wait to take pics of what we've been doing in our entry way but I'm excited to share. We put in new laminate flooring and Kerry painted one of the walls "Log Cabin" it's a rich brown. Oh it looks so good, I love it. So, while Ker was doing the inside stuff I was busy with weeding and planting. I worked from 1 to 5 and my hands are gnarly, I should have worn gloves! I even got a cut on my pinkie (boo-hoo!) but now the area around the sign at the church is looking pretty good AND colorful!

Well it is Saturday so that means we have our 4th journaling assignment. Have you started one?? It's a pretty neat thing to do to pass down to family members or just as a faith journal as a keepsake for yourself. It's fun to stir up those memories and the older I get the more I'm forgetting!! So I want to write it down as a testimony of God's goodness. Hopefully it will record that I'm growing in God's grace, too!

Here is the 4th assignment:

Do you write in your Bible? Why or why not? And what do you write?? Well there it is, pretty simple don't you think?
Here is a sample of what I'm thinking about putting in my journal. This will be an easy one for me.
You should see all the writing in my Bible! All the different colors of pens and highlighters and to be honest, no rhyme or reason for the colors, I don't have a "system." I've written notes in there from sermons I've heard that spoke to me and I want to remember, I have dates when perhaps the Lord laid that particular Scripture on my heart. I can look back and see how God had moved in that certain time of my life. Sometimes I've just highlighed a passage that I want to memorize. So there are lots of different reasons I write in my Bible. When I study for a lesson I'm going to teach I write in the margins, and I might want to emphasize a word or phrase and so that helps me to remember or perhaps I write the definition of a word. Those are just a few reasons I write in my Bible. And I would truly feel lost without it!! If I was to start with a new Bible I would still write in it but I would most likely have a better system, I would recommend that to a new believer. The Inductive Study Bible has an excellent system for comprehending the "whole counsel of God." That's probably pretty close to what I'll be writing in my journal I may add a bit more about the Inductive system, we'll see.... Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog and I hope to hear from you!! God's richest blessings to you! Have a wonderful Sunday - don't neglect spending time with others worshiping the Lord and learning more about Him!

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