Friday, December 16, 2011

Jake and Miss Addy-tude!

Hello Delightful friends and family!  As promised the pictures that did not get on the Christmas card!  We have here mild mannered Jakob and then little miss Addy-tude!  Can you tell?  I applaud professional photographers and their patience and perseverence with children!

This just makes me laugh!


Getting bored with this picture taking!
Sit still Sissy!

After 83 pictures my daughter did narrow it down to five. I do love the "less than perfect" which truly shows the fun and sometimes exasperating personality of the little ones and these are definitely scrapbook worthy!!

Have a wonderful day and I hope these have brought a smile to your face and a giggle or two!


  1. LOVE these precious pics...they will proide many smiles for years to come!!

  2. They are adorable, I love the first one!

  3. Classic! These would make a great Christmas card collage. . .they are precious!!

  4. These are just too cute! I love the Miss Addy-tude! Too cute!

  5. These are beyond precious. Being the "family photographer" I know how difficult it can be to capture perfect photos with groups of children. However, the ones like you've shown here turn out to make the best memories. I recognize the looks and have seen them before on the children in my family. Thanks for sharing. ~ Abby