Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Belated Blog Anniversary!

You are going to think me nuts but I just realized I've been blogging for about one year. I was curious to see what the date of my first post was and to my surprise it was February 5th, 2009. Happy Anniversary to me, one day late!! How weird is that? I should have been paying attention and had some sort of giveaway to celebrate. Well, I'll keep thinking about that one and maybe I'll have an end of the month giveaway!! I'm fairly new so I don't have a lot of extra stuff but I'll see what I can come up with! I just want to thank you for following and reading my ramblings and making such sweet comments about my projects!! I'm blessed!

Thank you to my followers.... (this pic isn't the greatest, those buttons go perfectly with the blending or the four ink colors, but they look really dark in the pic. I think the battery was low when I took this a couple of days ago.

I have something even better than an anniversary to celebrate! I got my craft room rearranged and cleaned!! (the twin bed is outta here!!) This is incredible, I can walk in here now!! Whoo-hoo!! I still have a little more organizing to do with my scrap papers but I've made labels for the folders to make it nice and neat. I have labels for: cardstock, florals, winter, spring, summer, fall, kids and holidays. Can you think of others? I've got hanging folders to put them into. Hubby is making me something for my spools of ribbon that are to big for my jars. And hopefully I'll incorporate some of my smaller punches on that too. I have a place for my Cricut and Cuttlebug and now I need to figure out a spot for the sewing machine. Hmmmm..... I forgot about that until just now. I do have a spot under the window that could be perfect! We will see! Well, I'm off to Costco and then to a baby shower for my great nephew who was born on Christmas day, they are down here to meet all the family!! Can't wait.... Have a blessed day!



  1. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. Mine is coming up at the end of March. I love your card, so vintage and elegant.

  2. congrats with your blog anniversary! Your card is really elegant, love the color and the buttons!