Sunday, August 2, 2009

Journaling #6

Thanks for stopping by Delightful Details!! Just a quick post because I'm a day late with the journaling prompt.....

#6 Journaling question is:

If you can see the seeds planted in your life, share them.
Who were those special people?
Isn't that a great question. I'm sure each of you have had those special "God moments" where someone either asked you a question or just shared their hearts with you that drew you to the Lord. I know I have a friend that did that for me. She just asked some simple questions, made me think and made me want to find the answer! It ultimately was what brought me to know Jesus in a real personal way! I'll always be grateful about that. I hope that I'll have time to share more later, but now I've got to finish getting my home ready for an evangelist that will be staying with us for a few days. He's become family to us and so I got to get his room ready!! He is flying in from Nebraska tomorrow morning. It's like having a kid come home from college!! (a little more pressure on me though) especially since I have to work all day tomorrow. He will be preaching/teaching 3 nights this week and so that's probably not going to be giving me much time for blogging. But the Lord's work comes first! Have a wonderful evening, I still can't believe how fast this weekend flew by!!

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